Why Workplace 'Bored-Out'​ is the New Burnout (And What Employers Can Do About It)

While working from home has its perks, though they may be less obvious, there are drawbacks. And one drawback, in particular, is wreaking havoc on employee motivation, productivity and job satisfaction. The culprit? Boredom. Yes, boredom.

Brace for Work from Home Side Effects

When you think about it, the world of work has undergone a significant transformation. But, how much have your employees' roles changed in the past 6-9 months? For most, the answer is not much.

In the face of the "pivot and figure out working from home" scenario we have found ourselves in, many workers have been stalled and stagnant in their responsibilities and learning. Conferences, meetings, workshops and events have been cancelled or moved to a virtual format, and unfortunately, attention spans online are running short.

Plus, without coffee breaks, water-cooler chats and team lunches, the social perks of work have virtually vanished. While one could argue that platforms like Zoom provide some imitations of social interaction, technology will never be a perfect replacement for connecting face-to-face. This means that on top of being bored, it's likely that your remote employees are also feeling isolated and disconnected from the team.

Dangers of Boredom at Work

Many of us are Zooming through our days in discomfort, not liking what we see on the screen or, in some cases, not even paying attention. Complacency is running rampant in remote workplaces, and it's a serious issue that leaders and HR managers need to pay attention to. Why? Because, when your best and brightest employees find themselves bored and withdrawn from their work, they're more likely to seek employment elsewhere.

How to Get Beyond Boredom

As we consider that remote work may be a long-term situation for many employees, employee retention and empowerment need to be top of mind. We must determine how to evaluate and address boredom. Training, new assignments, problem solving and collaboration can’t stop just because we are at home. Likewise, promotions and growth opportunities need to be considered, as well. Now is the time to conquer boredom with creativity, to make sure your employees are engaged, happy and challenged.


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