HR Advisory Services

The consulting team at AccessHR brings a depth of advisory experience that enables us to respond to our clients in the way that suits them best.  Whether you have a quick question or a complex project, we can help!  


AccessHR makes use of “the Huddle”.  The Huddle represents a working group of our Senior Consultants that we draw together on a regular basis to problem solve, brainstorm, and make use of the 100+ years of combined experience that we bring to the table to address your concern, answer your questions, or solve your problem. 

Interim HR Professionals

Learn more about our Interim HR Professional service. Here.   Or Contact Us to discuss your specific needs. 


AccessHR's roster of HR professional are ready to support your team, project and organization.  They are available on a part-time or full-time basis as an interim solution. 

Here are some examples of the questions we have received and the advisory services we have provided.

  • I need to post a job but I don't have any written job descriptions.
  • I think my top performer is going to leave - what can I do?
  • I need to reduce my team by 50%, where do I begin?
  • My team seems unmotivated and bored - help!
  • Do I have to pay my employees overtime? Stat holidays?
  • Can I do drug testing on my employees?
  • My employee takes LOTs of sick time - what are my options? 
  • Do I really need to do 3 reference checks?  Why are they important? I don't have time!
  • We're thinking of acquiring a competitor - how do we value their human capital?
  • I need to build a performance management program but I'm not sure where to begin.
  • I know that I need a respectful workplace policy but I'm not even sure what that is!
  • We had a big blow up on the team and now nobody trusts each other.  What can we do?

Reach out to discuss your specific needs.