Career Transition Services


Treating your employees well at ALL stages of the employment life cycle sends a clear message internally and externally, creates an easier transition for leaders and employees, and reduces risk. 


We provide 1:1 dedicated Career Transition Coaching with customized  program content, pace and duration to meet the specific needs of each participant. Additionally, access to professional subject matter experts and resources complements the career transition journey.  


Every AccessHR Career Transition Coach is trained in Mental Health First Aid. In fact, every participant has rapid access to qualified mental health professionals as a standard service.


Supporting organizational leaders and departing employees through change is our specialty. Support for the Leader is included in every Career Transition program and includes: 

  • Planning and logistics support and conversation coaching.
  • Professional, human and caring support at the time of termination focused on minimizing disruption and concern.
  • Assurance that your departing employee is being well looked after.

Career Essentials Program - This program includes foundational Career Transition services with specialized support for transition, mental health, retirement and financial well being. 


Professional Program - Building on the Essentials this program includes access to specialized support for strengths evaluation, entrepreneurship, women's empowerment, life and integration coaching.


Leader Program - Expanding on the Professional Program this program adds Leader specific resources, focuses on brand, speaking, executive and board readiness and a careful evaluation of leader strengths through assessment. 


Executive Program - This industry leading program addresses all aspects of Executive career and life. Professional career transition services are supported with care for mental, physical and financial well being. It incorporates lifestyle supports and executive coaching upon successful transition. 


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