Coaching for HR Professionals


Being an HR professional require confidentiality, grace under pressure, and the ability to make good decisions. It isn't uncommon for an HR professional to feel isolated and that they don’t have anyone internally who can provide support.


Often, HR provides employee development and support for the organization, but they don’t do the same for themselves. That’s why we’re offering a coaching package that is specifically designed for HR professionals. We understand your needs, because we’re HR professionals too!


Our program offers coaching support for common issues such as: 

  • Developing leadership skills, with or without a formal leadership role. 
  • Effective decision-making, especially with ambiguous information. 
  • Time-management and boundary setting for stress management. 
  • Internal career development guidance. 
  • Building confidence and self-awareness for greater effectiveness in your HR role. Successfully moving through change with resilience. 
  • Developing self-care strategies for stress management and balance. 
  • Learning tools for enhancing your HR work on a day-to-day basis. 


Coaching Packages


Our coaching packages provide options to meet your needs. We offer several coaching programs to meet your needs. You can read more detail Leader Coaching Overview document.


Introduction to Coaching - a 4 month program designed for those curious about coaching. 


Coaching for Impact - A 6 month program focusing on key areas of growth, overcoming challenges, or for rapid development of skill and ability.


Coaching for Growth - A 12 month unlimited coaching program focused on continuous and sustained leader growth and skill development, meeting the challenge of current responsibility or preparing for more. 




98% of HR leaders say the pandemic has transformed their role; 70% say this has been one of the most challenging times of their career. 

- Paychex pulse of HR report

Coaching for HR Professionals
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 Contact us for more information about how you can customize a package for yourself or a member of your team.