AccessHR’s coaching practice follows a solution-focused coaching model that uses questions, exercises and accountability to help clients tap into their own resources to find solutions.


Coaching is an individualized method for personal and professional growth that positively impacts a person’s career success


Our Coaching programs include:

Coaching for HR Professionals


We know that HR is a challenging field – after all, we’re HR professionals too.  HR requires a high degree of confidentiality, and that can create a barrier for finding support.  We understand the challenges that HR professionals face, and we offer confidential, focused coaching to assist with specific situations or issues, and we can also provide coaching that moves the HR professional forward in their career. 


Coaching for Leaders


It’s lonely at the top, and for good reason. People leaders aren’t always comfortable sharing their challenges and concerns with their teams, and they don’t always have trusted support from their peers. A coach can offer a safe space to float ideas, get support for difficult situations, and find a new perspective. Our coaching for people leaders focuses on being a trusted resource to support leaders with being successful in both their role, and in life.


Integration Coaching


We offer integration coaching as an add-on for all of our learning and development programs. This one on one coaching is done in conjunction with training workshops, offering a chance for participants to solidify their learning, get support to try new skills, and explore how they can incorporate the session content into their day to day work.


Team Coaching


The practice of team coaching approaches the team as an entity, rather than seeing the team as a group of individuals. This process moves an intact group toward shared values, goals, cohesive communication and effective ways of working.  Additionally we use coaching to achieve greater trust within the group and uncover issues and opportunities. 

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