Termination Management

At AccessHR we know that making the decision to terminate employment is a difficult one, and as a result, many managers avoid making it!  Delaying or forgoing the decision to terminate can be costly to an organization and demoralizing and demotivating to both the affected employee, their peers, and the organization as a whole. 

AccessHR consultants are experienced in structuring and coordinating downsizing initiatives, constructing termination documents and conducting termination meetings.  We provide coaching to managers throughout the termination process.  All terminations are performed in a respectful manner that preserves the dignity of the employee being terminated, and reduces the employer’s liability. 

We partner with employer organizations to support them in:

  • Evaluating termination risk 
  • Determining whether the termination is with or without cause and, if applicable, appropriate severance amounts
  • Creating a custom employee termination checklist
  • Drafting a termination letter and release waiver
  • Determining the appropriate amount of severance pay to offer (if any)
  • Determining the amount of notice period or pay in lieu of notice required to meet employment standards
  • Coaching the manager through the termination process, including the termination conversation
  • Conducting the termination meeting together with the manager
  • Coordination of outplacement services as appropriate