Team Coaching

What is Team Coaching?


Team coaching is similar to individual coaching. The ICF certified coach uses deep listening, curiosity, and open-ended questions to guide the client toward a shift in perspective and potentially growth and solutions. The difference with team coaching is that the coach is working with group of two or more people, rather than just one individual.


In team coaching, the coach treats the team as one entity, with common goals to achieve as an entity. This is different from group coaching, where each person in the group has their own goals to achieve.


Benefits of Team Coaching

  • Improved communication through common understanding of language and values
  • Increased trust and transparency
  • Agreed-upon expectations and acceptable behaviours
  • Understanding of team goals and plan for achieving those goals
  • Improved ability to provide constructive feedback and manage conflict within the team

Designing the Team Alliance


One of the basic exercises in team coaching is Designing the Team Alliance (DTA). In the DTA process, the team members talk about what they want for their team culture. The team can draw on the DTA as a framework for decision-making, planning, and conflict resolution.


The Team Coaching Process

Team coaching is most impactful when conducted in a series, with goals established ahead of time for what the coaching will accomplish. Individual team members may also be coached during this time. The team coach will often do some initial exploration with the team. It is worth noting that the role of the coach is not to be a facilitator or a consultant during the team coaching sessions.

Reach out to learn more about the Team Coaching process and whether it might eb right for you team.