Resources and Services for HR Professionals

For more information on any of the resources below, reach out to Steve or Sheri sbrake@accesshrinc.comWe'd be happy to chat about our programs and share information and resources.


Career Coaching

for HR Professionals


Download our Career Coaching for HR Professionals overview here. 

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HR Leader Coaching



Download our Coaching for HR Professionals overview here. 

Coaching for HR Professionals Overview 2
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Networking and

Knowledge Sharing 


Join us for an event!  We offer opportunities to learn from subject matters experts, to engage in discussion and to network with industry peers. 


Reach out! We would be happy to add your name to our invitation list.

Mental Health Resources

for HR Professionals


Click Here to be directed to our Mental Health Resources for HR Professionals page.

Professional Mental Health Referrals


We speak often about how important it is to look after yourself.  Too often, as HR professionals we focus on looking after others, and overlook our own needs and wellbeing.


AccessHR maintains service provider relationships with a roster of private practice mental health professionals.


We'd be happy to share our roster and make an introduction!  Reach out today!

Interim HR Positions


We regularly work with our clients to provide interim HR support.  If you are between roles, making the transition to consulting, or an established consultant, one of these opportunities may be perfect for you.   

We'd love to have a conversation with you about what you love to do!