Organization Assessment – A Deep Dive Culture Review

Have you ever felt like something’s not right in your organization but can’t quite put your finger on it?

We know the feeling.


Most leaders can sense when something’s wrong in their organization – a lack of results, a difficult situation that needs to be addressed or a complex issue that continues to arise – but they may be unsure as to the exact nature of the problem or, more importantly, how to fix it.


Identifying key issues, broken processes and outmoded structures, or even just figuring out how to transform an effective workplace into a well-oiled machine, can be difficult when you’re living it day in and day out.


That’s where an organization assessment comes in.


An organization assessment, or climate review, is a positive, proactive process designed to enhance and improve employee morale, workplace culture or productivity. Unlike engagement surveys, the results are focused, immediate and actionable. An organization assessment is designed specifically to meet an organization’s unique situational needs, regardless of size or industry.


“Rather than treating the symptom, we go in and figure out what’s actually going on in that organization and why it’s happening,” says Sheri Brake, AccessHR’s Managing Director.


No Stone Unturned


Brake says when it comes to conducting an assessment, each assessment is customized, and no stone goes unturned. We focus on management style and how employees and leaders communicate. We explore trust levels and how well employees are aligned with the goals of the organization, as well as respectful workplace issues including discrimination, harassment and misogyny. Everything is on the table.



Each assessment includes comprehensive interviews with employees and leaders, and examines core areas of the business, providing a deeper look into the culture of the organization.


“These are lengthy interviews, in-depth, probing, about real stuff. We have real conversations,” says Brake.


Once the assessment is complete, specific and detailed recommendations to create improvement are presented.


“We provide unbiased recommendations that are going to serve the organization, not just the things we can help them with.”


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